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La CasaCasa de Tortuga

As horse enthusiasts, we are no strangers to livestock care and as food enthusiasts, we like having great ingredients to use in recipes. We combined the two in 2008 on our ranchette in Tucson, Arizona with a small flock of chickens. The whole family was thrilled eating farm fresh eggs. A year later we expanded into the dairy world with a few goats, built upon three does we purchased from Sean and Karen Ruddy's farm, Jolly Roger Goats, in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

In the summer of 2013, we moved from our home in the desert to Telford, Pennsylvania -- 50 minutes Northwest of Philadelphia. We brought four does and two wethers with us so we could continue having the wonderful milk supply these goats provide for the family.

We drink our goat's milk and have enjoyed making and eating fresh cheeses including chevre, cream cheese, queso blanco, ricotta and even mozzarella. The milk has been wonderfully sweet and the whole family enjoys our homemade dairy products. We also have tinkered with goat's milk soap, which has been wonderfully moisturizing.

Sharing the farm are a few chickens, a mustang, barn cats that help with rodent control and dogs that help with livestock guarding. The whole family is involved with animal and house hold care, which helps with our very busy schedule of school, music and soccer.

Now we are faced with new challenges and experiences in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Everyone in the family, animal and human alike, are learning new things in our environment such as pastures and winter! We're just hitting the tip of the iceberg of goat knowledge, but would be happy to share with you all that we can!

Telford, PA 520-981-9043